Memorial Chapter #165

Minutes of 5 April 2022

General Meeting called to order at: 18:50 (6:50pm) by President Loomis

Pledge of Allegiance by: Pres. Loomis

Invocation by & Moment of silence for POW/MIA by: Chaplain Lonnie Rose

Roll Call of officers:                                                           term expires

          David Loomis, Pres                                   P                 2022

          Ron Wilson, VP                                         P                 2022

          Tom Grinstad, Secretary / Treasurer      P                 2022

          Ken Richardson, B of D                            P                 2022

          Randy Turnbull, B of D                             P                 2022

          Sam Houston, B of D                                P                 2022

          Gene Goldsmith, B of D                           P                 2022

          George Douglas, B of D                           P                 2022

          Duane Holliday, B of D                             P                 2022

Guests: Greg Hawley, Mike & Martha Welch, Francisco Ivarra

New members present: George Mills

Secretary’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved

Treasurer’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved as amended

Membership Update: 350 VVA, 80 AVVA

Old Business:     

          1.      New slate of officers, delegates and directors elected

New Business:

          1.      New officers, directors and delegates sworn in by State Council President Ivarra.

          2.      New President Robert Aspiras introduced himself (gave a little background) and assumed role as president.

          3.      Liz Witowski was called upon to explain the role of the Whatcom County Veterans Program. She explained that among the duties of the program is to help low-income veterans get and maintain permanent housing. It also carries out a volunteer drive program, driving folks to medical appointments etc. The 114 fund services indigent veterans (those with an income lower than $2,900/mo. for a couple). This fund can help with burial services, rent, utility payments etc. Liz reported that the office assisted 648 veterans last year. She can be reached by calling 360 778 6050.

          Liz also noted that all Vietnam vets qualify for VA benefit claims. She encouraged us all to enroll, for our spouse’s benefit if not our own. She also encouraged all to attend the board meetings (on Zoom) and to apply for any open position on the board.

          4.      Francisco Ivarra remarked that 29 March is Vietnam Veterans’ Day, a day we should all commemorate. It is our day. He also noted that the Washington State Council VSOs are first in the nation in bringing dollars to the state. There is a council meeting in Toppenish this Sat. April 9th from 13:00-16:00 (1:00-4:00pm) at the Yakima Warriors Building. The National VVA board meeting is 20-23 April in Washington, DC. He will be attending.

          Francisco ended with a presentation to outgoing president Dave Loomis for his excellent leadership over the past few years. Good job, Dave.

          5.      Randy T moved the chapter donate $500.00 to VFW 1585, seconded and approved.

          6.      Ken R moved the chapter support the Memorial Day parade to the tune of $1,000, seconded and approved.

          7.      Ron W moved the chapter support the Welcome Home picnic this year with $1,000, seconded and approved.

          8.      Doc H called for volunteers for the car show in July. He announced the committee will have a meeting 13 April at 15:00 (3:0pm) at the VFW.

          9.      John F. noted that the parade registration is now open and urged the chapter to register.


          50/50 Raffle Won by: Ken R. donated back to chapter $ 85.

          Donations tonight totaled $165.

Motion to adjourn:  made at 20:10 (8:10pm) adjourned.