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Construction Jobs for Veterans

Local Construction Companies are looking to hire Veterans for part time, full time or seasonal construction work in Whatcom County
No experience is necessary for some positions.
Please contact Elizabeth Witowski at (360) 676-6724 ext #50700 or for more information.

DD-214 and social security

Subject: DD 214 Increased Social Security Benefits For Vets
DD 214 Increased Social Security Benefits For Vets
DD FORM 214 — EXTRA SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT for those with active duty between January 1957 to December 31, 2001

See the web site & notes below to possibly increase your Social Security Benefits.

DD FORM 214 — SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT Please share this with anyone who had active duty service between January 1957 to December 31, 2001, and planning for retirement. In a nutshell it boils down to this:
You qualify for a higher social security payment because of your Military service, for active duty any time from 1957 through 2001 (the program was done away with 1 January 2002). Up to $1200 per year of earnings credit credited at time of application – which can make a substantial difference in social security monthly payments upon your retirement. You must bring your DD-214 to the Social Security Office and you must ask for this benefit to receive it!
Soc Sec website:

This is something to put in your files for when you apply for Social Security down the road.. It is NOT just for retirees, BUT anyone who has served on
active duty between January 1957 to December 31, 2001.
FYI – this benefit is not automatic, you must ask for it! We’ve all been on active duty between 1957 and 2001 or know someone who has.

Passing on good information for all you military folks when you apply for social security. I know this may be too early for some of you to think about social security but, keep living and you will get there.
Regional Resource Coordinator
Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans Project State of Maryland- Southern Region
Human Services Partnership Building La Plata, Maryland 2064

The VVA Veteran

The VVA Veteran is the official publication about VVA national and local news concerning Vietnam Veteran’s of America. VVA membership applications are in this magazine.
Make checks payiable to:
The VVA Veteran’s Subscription
PO Box 64306
Baltimore, MD 21264-4306

4th year of Free Dental Care for Combat Veterans

Hello All,

We are less than a month away from our Free Dental Care for our Veterans and Family on November 19th.

We have more than 50 dentists networked this year to provide care so there are many openings still available.

The veterans we serve are any veterans who had been deployed to any of the wars and have no dental insurance.

Please call 425 392-8992 to make an appointment.