Vietnam Veterans Of America

Memorial Chapter #165

6 October 2020 Meeting

VVA Chapter 165

Meeting called to Order at 1700 by President David Loomis

Opening Ceremonies Performed

56 VVA/AVVA Members Present, Socially Distancing/mask recommended

Roll Call of Officers:

President:  David Loomis Present.        

Vice President:  Ron Wilson Present

Sec/Treasure: Tom Grinstad Absent/excused   

Chaplain: Lonnie Rose Present

B of D: Ken Richardson Absent

B of D: Mike Boice Present

B of D: Randy Turnbull: Present

B of D: Gene Goldsmith Present

B of D: George Douglas Present

B of D Duane Holliday Present

Guests: Alex Ambros, Brewster Loomer spoke on their BTC Scholarships

Daniel Park Korean Veteran (Associate Vietnam Veteran member), shared on how he wants to join us in doing events.  Spoke on wanting to be recognized by the Vietnam Veterans of American.

New Members present: 2 AVVA Deanna VanBeek  VVA Dick Gasden

Treasurer’s Report: Copies left on tables, Balance Savings $26,036.06, checking $5,437.64 no questions

Membership update: VVA 308.. AVVA 55

Old Business: None

New Business: Gene Goldsmith spoke and read letters to the recipients of BTC VVA scholarship. Motion made by George Douglas, seconded by VP Ron Wilson To change the name of Scholarship Fund from Ron Hansen to “Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #165 Scholarship”. Passed unanimously- Gene Goldsmith will handle the change.

Motion made by Randy Turnbull to transfer $5,000 from the Savings to the BTC Scholarship funds. Seconded by Gary Pettigrew. Passed unanimously – Gene Goldsmith will handle Money to BTC

President Dave Loomis talked to us about moving the Memorial Day picnic to the day before – Memorial Day Sunday May 30th, so that everyone was not so stretched to do all events, and it would give everyone an opportunity to have a day to spend more time with each other.

Motion made by VP Ron Wilson to move picnic to the day before Memorial Day, Sunday May 30th. Seconded by Chaplain Lonnie Rose.  Passed unanimously

Ron Wilson spoke about the plan for a Memorial at Green Acres for Gold Star Mother’s.

Motion made by Ron Wilson to donate $2,500 towards this memorial at Green Acres for Gold Star Mother’s seconded by Gary Pettigrew. Passed unanimously.

Good of the Order: President Dave Loomis asks for members to step up for positions of officers for 2021. Randy Turnbull and President Dave Loomis will chair a committee to contact people on 2021 officers. President Dave Loomis asked Darleen to contact 1585 about a possible bottle auction. Mike Boise will find out about the Memorial Day parade. Lana Haddox shared info on caregiving. Ron Wilson is looking for names to be recognized. 50/50 Raffle: Randy Turnbill won, amount donated back to chapter.

Money collected for dinner, $114.

Closing Ceremonies performed

Motion to Adjourn: 6:30pm

Respectfully Submitted

Elizabeth Rose AVVA

Minutes of 4 August 2020

General Meeting called to order at: 17:00 by President Dave Loomis

Open ceremonies performed

Roll Call of officers:                                                           term expires

          David Loomis, Pres                                   P                 2020

          Ron Wilson, VP                                         P                 2020

          Tom Grinstad, Secretary / Treasurer      A                 2020

          Ken Richardson, B of D                            A                 2020

          Mike Boice, B of D                                    P                 2020

          Randy Turnbull, B of D                             P                 2020

          Gene Goldsmith, B of D                           A                 2020

          George Douglas, B of D                           P                 2021

          Duane Holliday, B of D                             P                 2021

Guests: None

New members present: None

Secretary’s report: None

Treasurer’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved Consolidated report

Membership Update: Approximately 360 VVA, AVVA Signed up 5 new members at Aug. 1 picnic.

Old Business:     

          1.      VP Ron Wilson spoke about his work aiding veterans with building wheelchair ramps in the past few months

New Business:

          1.      President Dave Loomis spoke about the car show 2021. The date is set as 18 July, 2021. Car show committee will meet and work out details. Randy Turnbull received a donation from Bill Padette $150 for the car show. Randy also talked to the property manager for the site and arranged details. Doc Holliday gave updates on the flyers and signs for the car show.

          2.      Dave Loomis will contact Dale Boe about food concessions for next year, cooking, equipment, permits, etc.

          3.      About 6 members will be needed to step up and help with cooking. Contact Dave Loomis at 360 715 1489 to assist.

          4.      Doc H said that Facebook still has Modica as contact for the car show. Tom G will try to correct and have Doc as contact at 360 733 5119.

          5.     Joel Douglas will check and see what we can do to apply for military food truck to be donated to us. Then we will draft a letter of request. Pres. Dave will contact post 7 to see if they have a truck.

          6.     As soon as the Chapter can have a safe meeting, we will talk about the “last man standing” for our chapter and Vietnam Veterans to be presented at the next National Convention.

          AVVA member Malcolm Oliver lead the members in song, God Bless America.

          AVVA member Elizabeth Rose took notes of the meeting. Thank you Liz.

          50/50 Raffle Won by: Mike Boice $20.

Good of the Order:     Dave Loomis shared that Little Ceasar’s Pizza on Lakeway gave a discount of ½ price on dinner tonight. We gave them a certificate of appreciation.

          Members spoke about breakfast and lunch options for the car show.

Meal donations collected $ 79.00 Pizza cost 64.94.

          Closing ceremonies performed.

Motion to adjourn:  17:40

12 July 2020

Chapter members,

Here we are again with no meeting yet. But keep the faith, as soon as possible we will get together again.

The chapter was notified around June 30th that a Vietnam Veteran named patrick Hogan was in need of a wheelchair ramp. I contacted Ron Wilson our chapter vice-president and Ron agreed to do the project. Home Depot, VFW Chapter 9301 and our VVA Chapter 165 each donated $400.00. Work was completed on July 7, 2020 by Ron Wilson, his son Phillip and Lonnie Rose. They did a great job.

Also thanks to Lana Haddox, an AVVA member for checking on Agnes Kenny who had fallen and was in bad pain. Upon learning this Lana called 911. Agnes is now fine. Here family is helping out.

Gene Goldsmith and I selected three candidates for the scholarship this year, at the request of Valerie Frand Bellingham Technical College program specialist. Each will receive $1000,00.

On July 10, 2020 I received a telephone call from Vietnam veteran Tony Torohoff and his wife Louise who want to donate a brand new propane stove to any veteran in need. If you are interested, call me.

Our gratitude and appreciation goes out to Richard and Pan Wilson for all their work they did in the service of our veterans. Thank you from all of us.

Keep safe, take care, keep in touch. Remember I am here (360) 715-1489 whenever you need help.

David W. Loomis

VVA Chapter 165 President

No Meetings Until Further Notice

Minutes of 3 March 2020

General Meeting called to order at: 18:45 (6:45 pm) by Dave Loomis

Pledge of Allegiance by: Dave Loomis

Invocation by & Moment of silence for POW/MIA by: Lonnie Rose

Roll Call of officers:                                                           term expires

          David Loomis, Pres                                   P                 2021

          Ron Wilson, VP                                         P                 2021

          Tom Grinstad, Secretary / Treasurer      P                 2021

          Ken Richardson, B of D                            P                 2021

          Mike Boice, B of D                                   P                 2021

          Randy Turnbull, B of D                             P                 2020

          Gene Goldsmith, B of D                           A                 2021

          George Douglas, B of D                           P                 2021

          Duane Holliday, B of D                             P                 2021

Guests: Darrell Hart

New members present: Tom Boyhan

Secretary’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved

Treasurer’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved

Membership Update: VVA now 298, AVVA 47 members

Old Business:     

          1.      Wheelchair ramp for Stan Dyer was completed on 4 February 2020. Thanx to Ron Wilson

2.      All officers and members of the board of Directors were inducted into office.

3.      The generator donated by the Lysne family was bought by Ray Radke for $500.00

New Business:

Prior to new business, certificates were awarded to John Forgette and Tom Haddox.

          1.      There will be a veteran’s ride and potluck at the Faith Equestrian Center, 3545 Birch Bay – Lynden Road 17:00 to 20:00 on March 7, 2020.

          2.      The blood drive will end 17 March. To schedule call 800 398 7888.

          3.      Start collecting items for the VVA Car Show raffle and veteran’s picnic. Don’t forget to hit up family and friends for donations.

          4.      The VFW auxiliary is planning a Purple Heart Day. If you know of any Purple Heart recipients please let Cindy Mellema know. Her phone number is 360 671 3597.

          5.      Sunday 29 March is “National Vietnam Veteran’s Day”. Celebrate with vigor.

6.      The Marine Corps League is asking for a $1,000.00 donation for the Memorial Day Parade. Motion made, second, discussion, passed. We were also invited to display cars that will be in the car show in the parade – as advertising…

7.      Lonnie rose moved that the chapter donate $250 for funeral expenses for a veteran who recently passed. The family had huge medical expenses and nothing left for the funeral. Second, passed.

8.      Discussion about when and where vet’s picnic to be held. It was decided to hold at Hovander Park on Veteran’s Day, 25 May at 16:00 (4:00 pm). The shelter has been reserved…

9.      Ron Wilson announced the demise of the “widow’s tax” which affected surviving spouses of veterans.

10.    Tom G read a handwritten note of thanks from Dean Fulton of Bellingham Technical College (BTC) expressing the wish to continue our cooperation with the college.

Rosemarie is requesting your pictures when you were in VN or the military. If you were at the meeting you know what for.

          50/50 Raffle Won by: Ken Carlson $47 which he donated back to the chapter – car show proceeds.

Good of the Order:

VFW Post 930, 7011 Hannegan Rd., Lynden serves breakfast from 8:00 to 11:00 March 21st

There is breakfast at VFW Post 1585 29 March from 8:00 to 10:00 on March 29th.

Meal donations collected $ 223.25. expenses were $ 195.74

Motion to adjourn: 19:25 (7:25 pm)

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