Memorial Chapter #165

Minutes of 2 October 2018

General Meeting called to order at: 18:45 by President Dave Loomis

Pledge of Allegiance by:  Dave Loomis

Invocation by & Moment of silence for POW/MIA by: Gene Goldsmith

Roll Call of officers:                                                           term expires

David Loomis, Pres                                   P                 2019

Ron Wilson, VP                                          A                 2019

Tom Grinstad, Secretary / Treasurer     P                 2019

Kirk Lyon, B of D                                       A                 2019

Doug Spangler, B of D                                A                 2019

Randy Turnbull, B of D                              A                 2020

Richard Martinez, B of D                           A                 2020

George Douglas, B of D                            P                 2021

Tom Modica, B of D                                  A                 2021

Guests:  Jeff Gray from Superfeet, Rosie Loomis, Agnes Kenney, Yvonne Goldsmith, Jyl Peterson

New members present: Rob Brock army helicopter pilot,  Mike Peterson Huey mechanic & data analyst,  Steve DeSoer army infantry & adj. gen. office

Secretary’s report: Posted on line, motion by Gene G, 2nd by Ken R- approved. Reported three letters from scholarship  recipients received and placed in notebook. Also received letter from BTC foundation thanking the chapter for its donation.

Treasurer’s report: Distributed motion by Ken R 23nd by Gene G approved, but noted that the funds earmarked for the national convention must be amended.

Membership Update: With the three new members we are getting close to 300 members – another delegate to national.

Old Business:     

  1. Received a letter from Ann Beck (WWU) detailing money for veteran’s use.
  2. Tom Modica, Randy Turnbull, Dale Boe, Sam Houston & Dave Loomis delivered a new ping pong table we donated to the Coast Guard Station.

New Business:

  1. $725.00 donated to Children of Vietnam, Dragoon fund to support (5) kids in school. Richard Brummett gave a short report on the status. The fund has a net gain of 2 kids. It now supports 57 (from a start of 6). The cost averages $146 / year.
  2. Joel Douglas is investigating obtaining a military vehicle for the Memorial Day parade and possibly the car show.
  3. The car show will happen 21 July 2019. Mark your calendars, we need a lot of folks to assist in putting it on. This is our major fund-raiser…
  4. Our annual spousal dinner will be held at the VFW on 4 December 2018. Social hour begins at 17:30 (5:30 pm) The dinner will be covered by donation to defray the cost. A discussion about possibly using Lairmont Manor for the venue was held. Decision to stay at the VFW.
  5. A wheelchair ramp to the basement of VFW Post 1585 is now operational. Members who are limited in mobility can now join us. Please come and check it out.
  6. For God Bless Our Veterans bumper stickers, memorial bricks and donations to the Vietnam Memorial contact Gene Goldsmith.
  7. The state Council meeting will be held 13 Oct. 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 at the pancake house on Snoqualmie Pass. Dave L, Gene G and Ron W will attend.
  8. The national convention will be held in Spokane 16-20 July 2019. Our Chapter gets six delegates. Dave L, Ken R, Gene G, Wojo, D. Martinson will attend. Anyone else? We have earmarked funds for our delegates.
  9. Dinner returned $167.00

Good of the Order:

          DAV selling poppies on Veterans Day. Gene needs folks for 4-hour shifts. Please contact him.

VFW Post 9301 Breakfast 20 October 8:00 to 11:00

Legion Post 7 Breakfast 21 October 9:00 to 11:00

VFW Post 1585 Breakfast  28 October 8:00 to 10:00

50/50 raffle netted $32.00 for chapter

$11.00 made from bumper stickers

Motion to adjourn:  moved by Ed S, passed by acclamation at 19:25