Minutes 6 March 2018

Called to order at 18:50 (6:50 pm) by President-elect David Loomis

The invocation and moment of silence given by Lonnie Rose

New officers sworn in by retiring President Gene Goldsmith

President David Loomis

Vice President Ron Wilson

Secretary / Treasurer Tom Grinstad

Guests: Rosemarie Loomis, Benity Lipayon, Maggie Ruigg, Agnes Kenny, Nancy Blackketter, Lana Haddox, Dorothy Rood, and Pam Kingston.

Potential new member: Doug Kingston, Richard Williams (who declined, but donated $100).

Secretary’s report approval move by Gene G, 2nd by Ken R, approved

Treasurer’s report – fiscal year-end moved by Ron W, 2nd  ?, approved

Membership report – 274 members on the roll.

Old Business:

  1. Combine secretary & treasurer’s offices, the by-laws allow this outright.
  2. Richard Wilson will continue as service officer.
  3. Ron Wilson gave update on wheelchair ramp for Daniel Kiermaier. Much of the material is marshaled (much donated – lumber from Brooks lumber, etc). the actual construction schedule will depend on the weather. Sign up with Ron if you’d be willing to help.
  4. The bottle auction brought in $1,576. A fine effort. A significant portion of the receipts were due to Kirk Lyon’s woodworking efforts – approximately 1/3. Thanx to all who made this a success: the VFW auxiliary (President Cindy Mellema), auctioneer Bill Bowen and Vanna White stand-in Ken Richardson. Tom Modica recorded the sales.


New Business:

  1. Motion by Gene G to take the $3,000 anonymous donation, combine with $1,200 from Rickenbacher donation as a “down payment”to the Whatcom Allied Veterans Council for the 2019 Vietnam Memorial at Greenacres. 2nd by Richard M, motion carried.
  2. Motion by Ken R to use $1,200 from Rickenbacher, combine with bottle auction proceeds of 1,576 and $227 from savings to total a $3,000 donation to the BTC scholarship fund. 2nd by Ron W, motion carried.
  3. Motion to appropriate $1,000 for Memorial Day picnic & celebration by Doc Holliday. 2nd by ? approved. Kirk L will chair, Richard M, Ron W, Dale B will step up to cook. The guest speaker will be astronaut Wendy Lawrence.
  4. A lively discussion regarding the Car Show budget ensued. Tom Modica submitted a revised budget of $6,525. Randy T moved this be adopted, 2nd by Doc H. This is the big money-making event for the Chapter. We look for participation by meny of the membership.
  5. Randy T showed pictures of wood cut and stacked for sale by husband (?) of a member of Legion Post #7.

Good of the Order:

  1. DAV sorely needs volunteer drivers for the van. Talk to Gene G.
  2. VFW breakfasts #9301 on 3rd Saturday and #1585 on last Sunday of each month.
  3. March 17, 2018 VFW Post 1585 holds a St. Patrick’s Day corned beef dinner as a fundraiser for the basement ramp.
  4. Memorial brick orders must be in to Gene G by the 15th of this month.
  5. March 29 is the Vietnam Veterans’ recognition day. You should have received a notice in e-mail about Rep. Del Bene’s meeting concerning the recognition day.


A motion made to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 (19:45)

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