Memorial Chapter #165

Minutes of March 7, 2017 meeting

President Gene Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 18:40 (6:40 pm civilian time) He led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lonnie Rose gave the invocation and the Moment of Silence for POW/MIA.

Roll Call of Officers & Board of Directors                term expires

Gene Goldsmith, Pres.            Present                        2017

Dave Loomis, V.P.                   Present                        2017

Randy Elmore, 2nd V.P.            Excused                       2017

Bill Cox, Secretary                  Present                        2017

Tom Grinstad, Asst. Secy.       Present                        2017

Ken Richardson, Treasurer     Present                        2017

David Scattum, B of D             Excused                       2018

Bill Wilcox,        B of D              Excused                       2017

Richard Martinez, B of D        Present                        2019

John Bradshaw, B of D            Present                        2017

Tom Modica, B of D                Present                        2018

Greg Bremer, B of D               Present                        2017

Kirk Lyon, B of D                     Present                        2019


Guests:                             Liz Rose

New Member:              Ben Brown

Secretary’s Minutes:  Moved approve by Ken R, 2nd by Dave L. voice approval.

Treasurer’s Report:    Fiscal year-end report by Ken R. ended the year with $9,900+ to the good. Move to approve by Ed S, 2nd by Tom G. voice approval.

Membership Update:  President Gene said we are holding at 274 members, with 2 late in paying membership. AVVA remains at 7.

Old Business:

  1. Memorial Day 29 May – VVA function at the Hovander Park memorial. Allocate $1,000 for food. Anticipate attendance to be in the neighborhood of 170 to 200. (Not a bad neighborhood).
  2. The bottle auction brought in $1,061 for the BTC Scholarship endowment.
  3. Don’t miss the breakfast at VFW 9301 3rd Saturday and 1585 last Sunday of the month.
  4. The car show planning continues 23 July is coming fast. It appears that the K-Mart lot will be too small for the hoped for turn out. A couple of alternatives may be the former Costco lot or Civic Field. Doc H or tom M will further investigate. Bill B posed a question how to continue the car show when we all are aging. (How to get young blood into the operation – or do we let it terminate when we are all too old to carry on?) A somewhat spirited discussion got slightly off track for a while. Gene G will contact the Boy Scouts for possible assistance.
  5. We need officers for the upcoming year.

President         Gene Goldsmith is willing to continue for one more year.

V.P.                  Dave Loomis is willing to continue.

2nd V.P.            Randy was appointed and will not stand for re-election

Secretary         Tom Grinstad is willing to serve

Asst/ Secy.       Bill Cox will serve one more year (after stepping down from Secy.)

Treasurer        Ken Richardson is not standing for re-election (Need to fill this slot)

Asst. Treas.      David Scattum – status unknown

Board of Directors:

Bill Wilcox                   term expires this election cycle

Kirk Lyon                     term expires in two years

Richard Martinez        term expires in two years

John Bradshaw            term expires this election cycle

Tom Modica                term expires in one year

Greg Bremer               term expires this election cycle

This chapter has 274 members. Let’s spread the duties and responsibilities to other members. Remember one of the ways to retain good members is to put them to work.

  1. Steff with the great help of Liz Rose will step in to cook the meals for the next two meetings. Ed S and Gene offered to assist. Wojo will be off somewhere having a terrific time.

New Business:

  1. Donations will be readily accepted for Kenny Paine’s service happening 18 March from 16:00 to 19:00 at the VFW. A request for $500 was approved. Motion by Ed s. 2nd by Bill C.
  2. The acoustic ceiling tile will be removed from the basement meeting room 14 March, and advertised on E-Bay unless someone wants to claim it. Contact Cindy at the VFW.
  3. The state meeting of the VVA hoo-haws occurs 22 April from 13:00 to 16:00 at the vet’s center in Yakima. President Gene is planning to attend.
  4. Tom Modica proposed funding two slots for Boys/Girls State. American Legion 154 will have one boy and one girl to attend. The cost is $350 per person, total of $700. This proposal was voted down by a count of hands.
  5. Ray R donated a sizeable amount to the BTC endowment in honor of his wife Chiyoko.

Next Meeting:                        4 April, 2017. Dinner begins at 18:00 (6:00 pm) and the meeting afterward.

Good of the Order

  1. Remember to check your VFW calendar.
  2. Take VVA business cards and applications to recruit more members.
  3. Bill Bowen recommends reading Dereliction of Duty by H. R. McMaster
  4. Doc H has baseball caps for sale $15.
  5. David L has VVA cowboy hats for sale as well.