Memorial Chapter #165

5 February 2019 minutes

General Meeting called to order at: 18:45

Pledge of Allegiance by: Dave Loomis

Invocation by & Moment of silence for POW/MIA by: Lonnie Rose

Roll Call of officers:                                                           term expires

David Loomis, Pres                                   P                 2019

Ron Wilson, VP                                          P                 2019

Tom Grinstad, Secretary / Treasurer       P                 2019

Kirk Lyon, B of D                                       P                 2019

Doug Spangler, B of D                     A                 2019

Randy Turnbull, B of D                    P                 2020

Richard Martinez, B of D                           P                 2020

George Douglas, B of D                            P                 2021

Tom Modica, B of D                                  P                 2021

Guests: Rosie Loomis, Fred Hoffer, Dorothy Rood and Malcolm Oliver

New members present:   Edger Deschaux, William Hurier, Kim Fletcher, Ian Moore, Billy Wise and A.V.V.A,  members are Lana Haddox and Rosemarie  Loomis

Secretary’s report: Short and sweet as usual. No one read the minutes on line. Moved seconded and passed as written (but unread).

Treasurer’s report:      Motion to approve by Ed S, 2nd by Ken R, passed

Membership Update: Pres. Dave enlisted a few more. The chapter now has 281 members and 9 AVVA. Several were recruited at the meeting and with luck be full-fledged members or associates by next meeting.

Old Business:     

  1. Richard Brummett read a letter of apology into the record for the Dragoon Scholarship fund which he found out was filling the pockets of a local bureaucrat.
  2. Tom Modica presented a budget for the car show in July. After discussion about  need for more porta-potties, Health Dept. certificate and possible problems with selling compact discs, the budget was approved
  3. The Whatcom Allied Veteran’s Council will install the Vietnam Memorial this Memorial Day at Green Acres. Memorial bricks can be purchase from Gene G. They will be installed by Veteran’s Day this year.



New Business:

  1. New business, after the fact, Pres. Loomis got four volunteers from the C.G. and Ben Brown to move veteran Michael Harrington 16 Jan. 2019. The coast Guards personnel were: PO3 Alexander Harpe, FN Keith Carlson, FN Jordan-EmenySmith and SN Jacob Lieghton.
  2. Liz Harmon contacted Pres. Dave to help out the U.S.C.G. folks with gift cards from Fred Meyer during the government shutdown. (25) $20 gift cards were bought and presented on 24 Jan. 2019.
  3. This chapter’s Bottle Auction will occur on 23 Feb. 2019 at the VFW Dinner by the VFW Auxiliary is at 18:00 (6:00 pm). Prepare your bottles. We should expect at least 40 folks to attend. The dinner is an auxiliary fund raiser, the bottle auction, a chapter fund raiser. Please RSVP to the post
  4. Randy Turnbull appointed as liaison with the Marine Corps League, (for the Memorial Day parade).
  5. Elections were held. Motion to retain existing slate of officers, 2nd no real discussion, approved unanimously. The two Board of Director slots that came open were extended for another year.
  6. The chapter has Directors on a rotating schedule with two elected every year. We now will have four slots coming open next year. Is this what the membership wants? The alternative is the election of every board member every year…
  7. Lana Haddox is appointed as Chapter Historian.


Good of the Order:

VFW 9301 breakfast on 16 Feb 2019, 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

VFW 1585 breakfast on 24 Feb 2019, 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

Don’t forget the Bottle Auction 23 Feb 2019 5:30 to ??

The proceeds from the meal came to $185.

The 50/50 raffle was donated back to the chapter for $72.

Motion to adjourn: came at 19:40. Dismissed