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VVA 165 May Meeting 2011

To All,
To avoid confusion, our May meeting will NOT be next Tue. May 3rd.
—- but rather on Friday May 6th.
For those of you who could not attend April’s meeting, the explanation as to why we’re having the meeting on this particular Friday is laid out in the
attached news letter  going out on the VFW monthly mailing.
Please read as there are a number of events going on that evening.
Furthermore, you’ll see the other upcoming events in May which you’ll be hearing about in coming weeks as reminders.
If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me
Bill Bowen
President VVA 165

VVA 165 Service officers

Ron Hewitt 360-733-9226
I work Thursday/Friday and I am on call Monday or Wednesday when needed.
Jim Pace  and Doris Kent  work Monday/Tuesday

To make an appointment with one of the Veteran’s Center officers please call:  360-733-9226. We are located in Suite 124, 3800 Byron Avenue, Bellingha, WA 98229

VVA 165 Memorial Day Ceremony Monday May 30th 2011

Kings Men of Song will sing a medley of patriotic songs prior to the opening ceremony.

Welcome Bill Bowen

Pledge of Allegiance Tom Darling

Kings Men of Song Star
Introduction of Guests Pete Kreman

Key Note Speaker Marvin
Wayne, MD

Names on the Wall Ron

Reading of the Names Jim Stilts

Laying of the Wreath Christopher

Taps Riggs

Battle Hymn of the Republic Kings Men
Of Song

Benediction Tom

Closing Remarks President
Bill Bowen

Amazing Grace Bagpiper
Ira J.
Men of Song

VVA 165 Meetings of April 5th 2011

Ron Davenport
Vietnam Veterans of America
Memorial Chapter 165

Board Members Present

Bill Bowen President Present
Gene Goldsmith Vice President Present
Jim Pace Present Expires 2012
Tom Darling PP Present Expires 2011
Ron Hewitt Secretary Present
Tom Modica Treasurer Present
Richard Martinez Present Expires 2011
Kenneth Richardson Excused Expires 2013
Steve White Emeritus Board Member (Present)
Randy Elmore Present Expires 2014

The general membership meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Bill Bowen at VFW Post 1585 on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 followed by the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for our MIA/POWs.

Tom Darling gave the invocation.

Bill Bowen President Present
Gene Goldsmith Vice President Present
Tom Modica Treasurer Present
Ron Hewitt Secretary Present

Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting. Changes to the minutes were noted and made

Treasurer gave his report. Report was approved as read. Treasurer’s report is on file for any member who wishes to review them.

Membership: VVA 165 has 109 members..

Old Business

Jim Pace has musical salute DVD available for sale @ $20.00 each.

Richard Martinez and Randy Elmore will chair our upcoming bottle auction to be held on Friday December 2nd, 2011

On Monday May 2nd 2011 the Mount Baker Theater is bringing in the 100 member US Army Field Band and Choir to perform a free concert. John Schapiro from the theater has contacted Jim Pace about seeking sponsors to cover the cost to bring the band and choir to Bellingham. If you know of any individuals or businesses willing to help in sponsoring this event, please contact John by emailing him at: john@mountbakertheater.com or give him a call at the theater.

Ron and Barb Shelton will be our web master for VVA165.org. Secretary will be responsible to submit material to this web page: micravmklaz@comcast.net

President Bill Bowen passed around the upcoming coffee stop assignments beginning on Friday May 20th I-5 Southbound Bow Hill Rest Stop. For more information contact President Bill Bowen at: 360-815-6721.

Secretary gave a report on this upcoming Memorial Day Event to be held on Monday May 30th and Hovander Park. We are still seeking a guest speaker. Randy Elmore said he would ask Marvin Wayne, MD. Who worked in a MASH unit in Vietnam.

Individuals who want to apply for VVA165 scholarships have until Friday, April 15th to submit their applications.A

New Business

President Bill Bowen would like to move next month’s meeting to Friday May 6th . We would hold our snack night that evening and have the presentations of scholarships. at that time. President Bill Bowen would have to get the approval of the house committee of the VFW to do this. Secretary Ron Hewitt made a motion to made the change. Jim Pace seconded. Motion passed.

Jim Pace spoke about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Olympia. Secretary downloaded the material concerning this issue. Any member who wishes to have a copy of those documents please see secretary to have copies made.

Good of the Order

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday May 1st beginning at 1800 hours at VFW Post 1585.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Ronald D. Hewitt Thursday April 7, 2011

Up Coming Events for May

On Monday May 30th out at Hovander Park in Ferndale, VVA 165 will host their annual ceremony followed by picnic. The ceremony begins at 4 PM.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday May 3rd at the VFW Hall, 625 North State Street ,360-734–5520

VVA 165 bottle auction will be held at VFW Post 1585 on Friday December 2nd 2011 begining at 6 PM