December 2017 dinner

A report of the December dinner is notably late. This reporter humbly asks for forgiveness. The need of reportage simply went above his head. Should anyone feel less forgiving, let him (or her) step forward and relieve me of this responsibility.


Since it is so late, many details have abandoned my memory, but I shall do the best that I can with the depleted resources at my disposal. The first notice as one stepped into the building was the wonderful aroma of roasting beast wafting from the lower floor. As you descended the stairs the hubbub of lively conversation arose in the ears. There were about eighty (80) folks in attendance, so the cacophony was nearly overwhelming. At times it was hard to hear what the neighboring person was thinking. It seemed that nearly every couple was engaged with others at their table discussing the state of the world – or recounting the best cartoon strip of the day.


Wojo (our notable chef) acquitted himself admirably. The roast baron of beef was cooked within an inch of perfection. There were more than ample sides for the omnivores among us. Potatoes, beans, corn, salad, and it seems to me more, as well. When all were stuffed to the bursting point, dessert was announced. There was a sheet cake with the chapter insignia and ice cream to top.


Everyone this reporter talked to thought the dinner was a roaring success. For those of you who chose not to inflict themselves on the rest of us – too bad. You missed an evening that was pretty close to terrific.

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