Memorial Chapter #165

Minutes of 6 September 2022

General Meeting called to order at: 18:15 (6:15 pm)

Pledge of Allegiance by: Malcolm Oliver

Invocation by & Moment of silence for POW/MIA by: Ken Rood

Roll Call of officers:                                                           term expires

          Robert Aspiras, Pres                                 P                 2023

          Ron Wilson, VP                                         A                 2023

          Tom Grinstad, Secretary / Treasurer      P                 2023

          David Loomis, B of D                                A                 2023

          Randy Turnbull, B of D                             P                 2023

          Sam Houston, B of D                                P                 2023

          Raymond Radke, B of D                           A                 2023

          Larry Montgomery, B of D                      P                 2023

          Charles Muggy, B of D                             A                 2023

          Duane Holliday, B of D                            P                 2023

Guests: Jon Eric Overland, Yin Yahot (?) ROK, Dennis Ardello, Bill & Samantha Sleeseman, Bill Moore, Andy Michele, and the Animal. Forgive me if I do not have the correct spellings.

New members present:

Secretary’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved

Treasurer’s report: Moved, 2nd & approved

Membership Update: None given this month

Old Business:     

          1.      Two men were laid to rest, and had memorial services. Tom Haddox a member of the chapter, and Dick Stark.        

2.      Sam H gave a short update on Randy Turnbull. He is struggling mightily health wise.

3.      Sam also gave a very short bio of himself. VN, of course but also bicyclist, mountain climber and hiker. He also told a joke about suppositories and hearing aids.

4.      Malcolm gave an update on the Northwest Annex and the efforts to turn this into a vets’ center. Motion to provide $6,500.00 to help with legal and other costs. Second and approved by count. 15 pro 5 anti.

5.      A VSO position is open in Bellingham. Contact Dave Loomis for more information.

New Business:

          1.      VFW Post has the Kenny Paine pig roast 17 September.

          2.      November is an opportunity to be a part of the color guard at the VN Memorial Wall in DC. (40th anniversary celebration). Contact Bob Aspiras if interested. You can also attend with the Montana delegation, according to Andy M.

          3.      President Bob talked about branding our chapter, getting better P.R. We need to get a strategy together.

          4.      Agnes Kenney had ribs broken in an accident. Check on her and Chuck. They may need help

          5.      Skagit County Vets Park has a function on 10 November at 15:30 (3:30 pm) according to the Animal. We are invited.

          50/50 Raffle Won by: Lana Haddox $16

Meal donation tonight $79

Motion to adjourn:  made at 19:15 (7:15 pm)