Memorial Chapter #165

Minutes 10 February 2021 meeting

Minutes of the first virtual meeting 10 February 2021

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Loomis at 18:01 (6:01 pm)

Roll call taken Officers present: Dave Loomis, Ron Wilson, Tom Grinstad

Directors present: Duane Holliday

Invocation given by Chaplain Lonnie Rose

Guests Stan Inzer from Spokane

Treasurer’s Report Income statement January 2021 reviewed moved & seconded approved

Members Report Chapter has 311 members on the rolls. AVVA membership now 59.

Noted Passing We lost two members this past January. Mike Boice, director and Marine Corps League Liaison. Also, Charles Anway passed 28 January.

New Business: Slate of chapter officers and directors was presented. Slate was elected for year 2021-2022. Those elected were:

President Dave Loomis

Vice President Ron Wilson

Secretary / Treasurer Tom Grinstad

Director Randy Turnbull

Director James (Sam) Houston

Director Gene Goldsmith

Director Duane Holliday

Director George Douglas

State Delegates: David Loomis, Donald Martinson, Kenneth Richardson, Ronald Wilson, Frank Woicieckowski, Eugene goldsmith

Amended chapter bylaws were presented, reviewed and accepted with one change noting the committees as appointed, not standing.

State Council President Francisco Ivarra reported on latest developments from national. The next national conference will likely be virtual. Any and all resolutions to be considered at the conference must be submitted by 31 March 2021. Roughly 360,000 VVA members have suffered Covid infection. The Vietnam Veteran era recognition has been expanded to 1955 -1975. The national office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The state council has been awarded a $20,000 VSO grant. The April council meeting may have to be conducted virtually. President Ivarra will appoint a nominating committee.

Chaplain Lonnie concluded with a prayer.

There being no further business a motion made to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 18:42