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Minutes of October 3, 2017 meeting

Minutes of Meeting 3 October 2017

Seeing that nearly everyone had finished dinner, V.P. David Loomis called the General Meeting to order at: 6:35 pm (18:35)

Invocation by: Ken Rood

Pledge of Allegiance by: Dave Loomis

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers:                                                                    term expires

Gene Goldsmith, Pres                                        Excused      2018

Dave Loomis, VP                                                Present      2018

Douglas Spangler, 2nd V.P.                                 Absent       2018

Tom Grinstad, Secretary                                    Present      2018

Bill Cox, Asst. Sec.                                               Present      2018

Ken Richardson, Treasurer                                Present      2018

Tom Marsich, B of D                                          Absent       2020

Larry Martin, B of D                                           Absent       2020

Kirk Lyon, B of D                                                 Present      2019

Peter Pavlik, B of D                                             Absent       2019

David Osinski, B of D                                          Present      2019

Tom Modica, B of D                                           Present      2018

Guests:      Mary Boice, Rosemary Loomis Darlene Carlson, Virginia Beauford, Mary Gilliland

New members present:

Secretary’s report: Moved, seconded and accepted

Treasurer’s report:      Moved Tom G, 2nd Bill C, approved

Membership Update: Current membership is 284 (as of 31 July), which means that 11% of the membership showed up for the meeting. And that’s rounding up. The AVVA has 7 members

Old Business:     

  1. Randy Turnbull suggested tabling the discussion of a donation to the LaFrienier family so he can get more information. Approved.
  2. The chapter has four representatives to attend the BTC breakfast this coming Thursday: Bill B, David L, Kirk L and Ray R. we hope to get a short report next meeting.
  3. The Northwest Classic Trucks club donated $500.00 to the chapter as a result of the car show. It was suggested that we invite a member of that club to the next meeting to receive our thank you. Tom M will arrange.

New Business:

  1. The date for the spouse dinner was selected – our December meeting which is 5 December. Moved by Bill B, 2nd by Kirk L. approved
  2. DAV Veterans Day sign-up sheet passed around. We still need volunteers for the 11 November day.
  3. The date for the bottle auction is up in the air. Suggested by Kirk L that the chapter coordinate with the VFW Auxiliary to firm up the date since they work so hard providing the dinner.
  4. Bill B presented a motion to allocate $250 to buy a new banner for the car show. Motion amended by Bill B to not be exclusively a car show banner – with “Victory Lane” on the reverse side cost approximately $300. A 2nd from Bill C, approved.

Good of the Order:

  1. Darlene Carlson, Vice Regent of the local DAR expressed thanks to the chapter (specifically Dave L and Doc H) for providing transport from the Sheraton 4 seasons to the Pickett House and bridge.
  2. Check the VFW calendar for events and activities
  3. Please take some VVA business cards and application for distribution.
  4. The DAV needs van drivers please help
  5. There’s a VFW breakfast at post 9301 on 21 October. Be there or be an equal sided rectangle.
  6. f. Kirk L shared some thank you notes and letters from the scholarship awards. Check with the secretary if you would like to read them.
  7. Extra Veterans magazines are available from Tom M or Dave L.
  8. One of the guys from the Skagit chapter invited all to a townhall meeting by Rep. Rick Larson on 20 October at 4:30 to 6:30 (16:30-18:30).
  9. On a sad note, new member Tom Hoddox lost a grandson in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting. Austin Davis was 29.


Motion to adjourn: by somebody but I didn’t catch who. Meeting adjourned at 19:15 (7:15 pm).