Entries for September, 2017

Minutes of Meeting September 5, 2017

General Meeting called to order at @ 6:45 PM by President Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation by Lonnie Rose

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers                                                                 Term Expires

Gene Goldsmith, Pres.                    Present

Dave Loomis, VP                             Present

Doug Spangler, 2nd VP                    Absent

Tom Grinstad, Secretary                 Excused

Bill Cox, Asst. Sec.                            Present

Ken Richardson, Treasurer             Present

Tom Marich, B of D                         Absent                 2020

Kirk Lyon, B of D                              Present                2019

Larry Martin, B of D                         Absent                 2020

Peter Pavlik, B of D                         Absent                 2019

Tom Modica, B of D                        Present                2018

David Osinski, B of D                      Absent                 2018

Guests and their acknowledgement

Rosemarie Loomis

Melinda Quayle

Agnes Kenny

Dorothy Rood

Jim Smith

New members present and their acknowledgement

Howard Quayle


Secretary’s July minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting by the membership. The minutes are also posted on the chapter website, VVA165.org. Minutes were approved as drafted.

Treasurer’s August report was read by Ken Richardson. Discussion and questions followed. The report was approved as read.

Membership Update was given by Gene Goldsmith. The chapter currently has 279 members. There are 7 Auxiliary VVA members. Both totals are as of July 31, 2017.


Old Business


The Car Show was discussed. The Gearheads made a $500 donation. The Antique Truck Association has discussed making a $500 donation. Thanks were given to the Car Show Committee and to all of the volunteers for making this a successful event. The chapter made approximately $10,500 in profit from the show. Ken Richardson mentioned that next year he can probably get 10 to 12 Starbucks employees to work as volunteers at the show. Several thank you letters were read and Barkley Village wants us back next year and a tentative date has been set. There were 260 cars registered this year. Bill Bowen will look into the design and cost of acquiring a new VVA165 banner that can be placed over Victory Lane and be used for other chapter events. Ken Richardson mentioned that next year the Car Show Committee should prepare a budget and get approval of that budget from the chapter before any expenses are incurred.

A Plaque for Gary Lysne was shown to the membership. It is a plaque which commemorates the dedication of the new service office in Gary’s name and remembrance.

The Welcome Home Picnic was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. It was well attended and fun was had by all.


New Business


The VVA National Convention in Spokane in 2018 was discussed. Prior chapter approval set aside $4,000 of car show funds to support our chapter attendance at the convention. Funds will be set aside for that purpose. Motion made, seconded and passed.

Children of Vietnam Funding was discussed. $715 was allocated to support 5 children’s scholarships for the coming year. Motion made, seconded and passed.

A VVA165 Plaque from National was shown to the membership. It was a plaque honoring the chapter with the “National Membership Growth Award” for 2016. Thanks were given to the appropriate chapter members for their letter writing campaign.

The Silent Auction Winners were announced among the bidding chapter members. These auctioned items were undistributed car show items that needed to be auctioned.

The BTC Scholarship Breakfast was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. Kirk Lyon, Dave Loomis, Bill Bowen and one member to be determined will attend and represent the chapter. It will be held October 5, 2017 at 7:30 AM. See Kirk if you want to attend. The plaques commemorating Gary Lysne and Chiyoko Harada Radke are now up. Kirk requested that he be notified sooner on correspondence from BTC.

A Policy Statement was made by Gene Goldsmith regarding chapter purchases and donations to the chapter. One, only Gene approves and disburses money from the service account subject to the review and recommendations of the chapter officers and board. Two, no one can order items for the chapter without the approval of an officer. Three, VVA165 is a 501 (c) 3 corporation which means that donations to the chapter are tax deductible by the donor. Therefore, to protect that tax deductibility all donations must run through our accounts.

The Growing Veterans organization was discussed by Mike Hackett. They have two farms and they grow food to sell benefiting veterans. They also try to foster veteran fellowship. All chapter members are invited to visit the farms.

DAV and Chapter Volunteers are needed for Veterans Day signup. Gene Goldsmith passed out signup sheets. Volunteers will have booths in front of three Haggen stores this year.


Next meeting is October 3, 2017.  Dinner will begin at 6 PM with the meeting at 7 PM. Spouses and guests are invited. Dave Loomis will fill in for Gene Goldsmith.


Good of the Order


First, Gene Goldsmith reminded the members to check their VFW monthly calendar for upcoming events.

Second, Gene Goldsmith requested that members consider volunteering to be drivers for the DAV van.

Third, Gene Goldsmith has VVA business cards and VVA membership applications to give out to members who may need them for recruitment or for other chapter business.

Fourth, Gene Goldsmith reminded the membership of the monthly breakfast the third Saturday of the month at Post 9301.


Motion to adjourn meeting at @ 7:50 PM. Motion seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned by Gene Goldsmith.