Entries for August, 2015

VVA165 Is the 25th Largest VVA Chapter in the Nation

Our local Bellingham chapter is now the 25th largest VVA chapter in the Nation. We currently have 258 members. Our membership chairman, Jim Pace, has done an outstanding job in presenting to the community all the benefits of VVA membership. Call Jim at (360) 733-9226 for additional information.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting August 7, 2015

Meeting called to order at @ 5:00 PM by President Gene Goldsmith

Board Members and Officers

Gene Goldsmith, Pres                     Present

Dave Loomis, VP                             Present

Gary Lysne, 2nd VP                          Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                           Present

Ken Richardson, Treasurer          Excused

Jim Pace, B of D                               Present      Fiscal 2016

Tom Darling, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2015

Richard Martinez, B of D               Excused      Fiscal 2015

John Bradshaw, B of D                  Excused      Fiscal 2016

Tom Modica, B of D                        Present      Fiscal 2017

Greg Bremer, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2016

Steve White, B of D                         Emeritus deceased

The intent of this meeting was to discuss the future operations of the chapter Scholarship Fund. This meeting was open to chapter members interested in the subject.

Scholarship Fund Discussion

Gene Goldsmith reviewed an agenda of items to be discussed. Discussion followed.

Kirk Lyon discussed his recommendation that an endowment fund be established with Bellingham Technical College. This would establish the Scholarship Fund as a legacy lasting beyond the existence of the chapter. Questions were asked. Some answers were known. Others answers were not. Contrary proposals, such as spending down the Fund to zero during the life of the chapter, were also discussed.

Gary Lysne, Tom Modica and Jim Pace had knowledge of the original adoption of the Fund. They indicated that the chapter originally set up the fund under the legacy concept. The specifics were not established at that early time but the Fund was supposed to live on beyond the life of the chapter. The mood of the discussion appeared to favor keeping the original intent of the Fund as a legacy.

Gene Goldsmith appointed a committee to prepare a report discussing the specifics of establishing an endowment with a local school. Bill Bowen is chairman. Committee members are Gary Lysne, Kirk Lyon, Tom Modica and Randy Elmore. Gene Goldsmith left the meeting at this point to assist in the kitchen for Snack Night and rest of the meeting was conducted by Dave Loomis. There were four schools mentioned that the committee would interview. They are Bellingham Technical College, Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College and Skagit Community College. The committee report is to contain the pros and cons of each institution along with a recommendation as to the next step that the chapter should take. This report will be reviewed and approved at a future Board meeting to be called by Gene Goldsmith prior to its presentation to the chapter for a vote.


Motion to adjourn meeting at 5:50 PM. Motion seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned by Dave Loomis.