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Newsletter for the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration

Review the latest news and events in the Newsletter for the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration by clicking on the following link. Vietnam War 50th – Commemoration Newsletter Winter 2013-2014

Randy Hansen Scholarship Fund

Randy Hansen was a veteran of the United States Navy and for many years a veterans counselor at the Bellingham Vet Center. Randy died unexpectedly when he was just 46 years old, after suffering from a heart attack on his way home from a veteran’s conference. When a person dies it is customary for others to say nice things about them as they remember the times they shared together. In Randy’s case, veterans had been saying nice things about him for years before he died. People talked about his kindness, his true commitment and affection for all veterans and his effectiveness in dealing with issues common to veterans and their families. He touched so many lives in such positive ways.


In Randy’s honor, Vietnam Veterans of America, Ron Davenport Memorial Chapter #165 has established three annual scholarships in the amount of $500 each. Persons eligible to apply for a scholarship must 1) have completed either their second year of undergraduate studies at an accredited college or university, or at least two quarters toward a certificate or degree at an accredited vocational or technical school, 2) establish a personal link with Whatcom County (you or your veteran grew up, attended school, lived in Whatcom County, etc.) and 3) establish that they fit into one of the following categories.


Legal spouse of a veteran

Child or step-child of a veteran

Grandchild of a veteran

Other direct lineal descendent of a veteran through either parent. Note that aunts, uncles,

siblings or cousins do not constitute direct lineal descendents for purpose of this scholarship.


Thank you for your interest in the Randy Hansen Scholarship. While our funds do not allow us to provide scholarships for all promising students who apply, we do sincerely wish all interested parties a lifetime blessed with the freedoms that we have all worked so diligently to protect.


Scholarship applications are available by contacting the chapter or any member of Vietnam Veterans of America, Ron Davenport Memorial Chapter #165.