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Newsletter for the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration

Review the latest news and events in the Newsletter for the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration by clicking on the following link. Vietnam War 50th – Commemoration Newsletter Winter 2013-2014

Randy Hansen Scholarship Fund

Randy Hansen was a veteran of the United States Navy and for many years a veterans counselor at the Bellingham Vet Center. Randy died unexpectedly when he was just 46 years old, after suffering from a heart attack on his way home from a veteran’s conference. When a person dies it is customary for others to say nice things about them as they remember the times they shared together. In Randy’s case, veterans had been saying nice things about him for years before he died. People talked about his kindness, his true commitment and affection for all veterans and his effectiveness in dealing with issues common to veterans and their families. He touched so many lives in such positive ways.


In Randy’s honor, Vietnam Veterans of America, Ron Davenport Memorial Chapter #165 has established three annual scholarships in the amount of $500 each. Persons eligible to apply for a scholarship must 1) have completed either their second year of undergraduate studies at an accredited college or university, or at least two quarters toward a certificate or degree at an accredited vocational or technical school, 2) establish a personal link with Whatcom County (you or your veteran grew up, attended school, lived in Whatcom County, etc.) and 3) establish that they fit into one of the following categories.


Legal spouse of a veteran

Child or step-child of a veteran

Grandchild of a veteran

Other direct lineal descendent of a veteran through either parent. Note that aunts, uncles,

siblings or cousins do not constitute direct lineal descendents for purpose of this scholarship.


Thank you for your interest in the Randy Hansen Scholarship. While our funds do not allow us to provide scholarships for all promising students who apply, we do sincerely wish all interested parties a lifetime blessed with the freedoms that we have all worked so diligently to protect.


Scholarship applications are available by contacting the chapter or any member of Vietnam Veterans of America, Ron Davenport Memorial Chapter #165.

Minutes of Meeting January 7, 2014

General Meeting called to order at @ 6:45 PM by President Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation by Tom Darling

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers

Gene Goldsmith, Pres                     Present

Ken Richardson, VP                         Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                            Present

Tom Modica, Treasurer                   Present

Jim Pace, B of D                               Present      Fiscal 2016

Tom Darling, B of D                         Present      Fiscal 2015

Richard Martinez, B of D                 Excused      Fiscal 2015

Frank Wojciechowski, B of D         Excused      Fiscal 2013

Randy Elmore, B of D                      Present      Fiscal 2014

Greg Bremer, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2016

Steve White, B of D                         Emeritus deceased



New members present



Secretary’s December minutes were read by Bill Cox. Approved as read with the addition that Jim Pace and Tom Darling are directors and secondly, that the Bottle Auction proceeds remain in the General Fund for fiscal year 2013 and are not transferred this year to the Scholarship Fund.

Treasurer’s December report was read by Tom Modica. The report was approved as read and the report is attached. Bill Cox discussed that the conversion of the accounting system to QuickBooks 2014 is complete through December. He also distributed sample financial statements and reports for the membership to review. It was generally observed through discussion that the membership prefers minimum financial information to be presented to them at each monthly meeting. Tom Modica made a motion to transfer the $1,000 borrowed from the Scholarship Fund earlier in the year back from the General Fund to the Scholarship Fund. Motion seconded and passed.

Membership Update was given by Jim Pace. The chapter currently has 121 members.


Old Business


Bottle Auction was discussed by Randy Elmore. It made $967 for the general fund.

VASH Party was discussed by Ken Richardson. 25 of the 33 homeless veterans who are members attended. Wal-Mart gift cards were distributed. Various testimonials were given. VASH is a combination of organizations who have joined together to help homeless veterans. Some of these organizations are Whatcom County Housing Authority, Whatcom County Veterans Assistance Committee and the Whatcom County Health Department. Currently, Gary Lysne is the only VVA member on the Whatcom County Veterans Assistance Committee.


New Business


State Council Report was given by Bill Bowen. He is working on the town hall program for Faces of Agent Orange. Seattle is the location of the first town hall meeting to be held May 10, 2014. Curtis Thompson is the chapter representative. All state council presidents will have their annual meeting this year in Anchorage, Alaska.

A 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War will be held at Seattle University on January 11th between 11 AM and Noon. This is sponsored by the ROTC program of Seattle University. Gene Goldsmith discussed the event and is organizing a van for transportation. Contact Gene if you are interested in attending.

50th Anniversary Commemoration Posters and Plaques received by our chapter were discussed. Ray Radke will discuss at the next House Committee meeting hanging these items in the VFW Hall.

The Musical Salute discussion was tabled by Jim Pace until the next meeting.  

Snack Night is January 17th. It will be a spaghetti dinner.

Next meeting is February 4th.


Good of the Order


First, Gene Goldsmith mentioned that Walter De Kraii’s wife died. The viewing is from 11 AM to 1 PM on Thursday with a ceremony and reception to follow.

Second, Gene Goldsmith mentioned that prime rib night is February 14th and that next month’s snack night is February 21st.


Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:25 PM. Motion passed and meeting adjourned by Gene Goldsmith.