Entries for July, 2011

Fund Raising Campaign for Tom Darling

Tom Darling, our own Chaplain to our Chapter, is running for the national office of the VFW Chaplain position and as such, is having a fund raising campaign to help with expenses associated with the campaign.

Please see the attached flyer and help out by either attending the dinner being put on for his fund raiser at the VFW 1585 Post this Sat. the 16th or donating to his cause.

Bill Bowen

President VVA 165

Friends of Tom Darling Flyer

July 2011 meeting minutes

Ron Davenport
Vietnam Veterans of America
Memorial Chapter 165

Board Members Present

Bill Bowen President Present
Gene Goldsmith Vice President Present
Jim Pace Present Expires 2012
Tom Darling PP Excused Expires 2014
Ron Hewitt Secretary Present
Tom Modica Treasurer Present
Richard Martinez Present Expires 2014
Kenneth Richardson Absent Expires 2013
Steve White Emeritus Board
Randy Elmore Present Expires 2014

The general membership meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Bill Bowen at VFW Post 1585 on Tuesday, June 7th 2011 followed by the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for our MIA/POWs.

Bill Bowen gave the invocation.

Bill Bowen Present
Gene Goldsmith Present
Tom Modica Present
Ron Hewitt Present

Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting. Those minutes were approved as read.

Treasury report is on file for any member who wishes to review them.

Ending Balance $6,977.07
Scholarship fund: $23, 315.27

Membership: We have 111 members/

Old Business

Secretary called Sears Taylor to ask him if he would consider being next year’s scholarship chairperson. Sears indicated he wanted to keep the job as long as he is able.

Coffee stop held on May 20th netted $500.00. There was a brief discussion concerning this August coffee stop. It has been decided, by the membership, that we do not have an August coffee stop because of the lack of participation by the membership.

VVA 165 website is up and running. Secretary encouraged members to visit the website. If any member wishes to place an event ion the website please contact secretary at: micravmklaz@comcast.net

Memorial Day was a huge success due to the efforts of Ron Hewitt and Kenny Payne. Secretary wishes to thank all those who helped put this even on. Donations for this event netted $228.00.

Jim Pace reported on the progress of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Olympia. Secretary has a flyer for those members who wish to see what the memorial will look like. Gene Goldsmith made a motion that we, VVA Chapter 165.donate $500.00 towards the building of this memorial. Kenneth Richardson seconded and the motion passed.

Randy Elmore VVA 165 made a motion that we donate $500.00 to the Mount Baker Theater to defray some of their costs of having the National US Army Band. Perform at the Mount Baker Theater. Jim Pace will generate a mailing list of those veterans who attended this event. We will used this list to generated possible new members to our chapter.

New Business

VVA 165 Car Show will be held on Sunday July 24th from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Sunset Cost Cutter, Bellingham on the corner of Orleans and Sunset. Kenny Payne will serve brats and condiments at this event. Cost will be $5.00. We need a speaker system for this event. Kings Men of Song will not be able to assist up as they have a concert that same day.

Jim Pace requested VVA 165 pay $300.00 towards a lap top for our newest service officer, Doris Kent. After a brief discussion the motion was amended by Randy Elmore that we raise the payment to 500.00. The motion was seconded by Ken Richardson. Motion passed.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday August 2nd 2011.

Good of the Order

There will be no snack night for the months of July and August. We will hold our snack night on Friday June 17th, 2011.

VVA shirts are available from Gene Goldsmith for $10.00

Gene Goldsmith made a motion that we hold a raffle, $5.00 each ticket, for our upcoming musical Salute. Motioned tabled for August meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM

Ron Hewitt Wednesday June 8th, 2011