Entries for November, 2017

Minutes of 7 November 2017

The meeting was called to order at 18:57 (6:57 pm) by President Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation was led by Lonnie Rose with a moment of silence for POW/MIA.

Roll Call of officers & directors:                                            term expires

Gene Goldsmith, Pres                     Present                          2018

Dave Loomis, VP                              Present                          2018

Douglas Spangler, 2nd VP                Absent                         2018

Tom Grinstad, Sec                           Present                          2018

Bill Cox, Asst. Sec                            Present                          2018

Ken Richardson, Treas.                   Present                          2018

Tom Marsich       B of D                   Absent                           2020

Larry Martin        B of D                   Absent                           2020

Kirk Lyon   B of D                            Present                          2019

Peter Pavlik         B of D                  Absent                            2019

David Osinski      B of D                  Absent                            2019

Tom Modica       B of D                     Present                          2018

Guests:      Agnes Kenny, Dorothy Rood, Mary Boice, Liz Rose, Nancy Blackketter

New members:  Possible new recruit introduced as Dick O’Bryan a member of the Seabees from 1967 to 1971. Welcome, Dick.

Secretary’s report:      Moved to accept by Kirk L, 2nd by Bill B, approved

Treasurer’s report:      Moved to accept by Tom G, 2nd by Dave L, approved

Membership update:  The latest roster from national listed 283 members. AVVA 7

Old Business:

  1. The donation to the LaFrienier family is tabled until Pres. Gene can talk to Jessica LaFrieniere.
  2. Kirk Lyons reported on the BTC breakfast, where members met three of the scholarship recipients. One is somewhat advanced in years, 54, the others are in their 20’s. They are too busy with school and work to come to our meeting.
  3. The spouse dinner will be held at the VFW on 5 December. After a motion by Randy T, 2nd by Dave L and discussion it was decided to make Wojo whole for the last year’s event. This year the chapter will ask for donations at the door and make up the difference. Pres. Gene will work with the VFW bar to have two tickets per attendee for drinks.
  4. We still need help for the DAV fundraiser please sign up with Gene, three locations available and lotsa time.

New Business:

  1. Bottle auction date somewhere around Valentine’s Day to be coordinated with Cindy of the VFW aux. for the dinner and setup.
  2. Pres. Gene asked to see hands of all under 70 years old. Then he gave a pep talk to encourage them to step up to leadership positions in the VVA. Several in the leadership have been doing their jobs for quite a while and it is time for “new blood”. Come on guys, do your part.

The next meeting is December 5, 2017. A fancy dinner with guests – presumably your respective spouses (or is that plural spice ?)

Good of the Order

  1. Check the VFW calendar
  2. Keep a few VVA business cards and applications on hand to help recruit.
  3. the DAV badly needs drivers. Stanwood and Sedro Wooley have no buses because they have no drivers. If you’re fit, can drive and have insurance help get vets to the VA.
  4. Remember the breakfasts, 3rd Saturday at VFW 9301 and 4th Sat. here.
  5. The VFW 9301 auxiliary is sending 30 troop boxes to deployed Whatcom county servicepersons for the holidays. Liz Rose requested postage money in the amount of $532.50. Motion by Kirk L, 2nd by Randy E approved unanimously.
  6. Ray R displayed a drawing of the proposed Korean War memorial for the Whatcom Allied Veterans Council Memorial at Greenacres. They intend to raise $10,000.00 by the sale of memorial brick at a cost of $125 / brick. Give if you can
  7. Lonnie R was selling raffle tickets for a Henry lever action 22 cal. rifle benefiting VFW
  8. Bill B. shared the proposed design of the new VVA Chapter #165 banner. Discussion suggested a couple of changes in the design. Motion by Kirk L, 2nd by Bill C approved.
  9. VP Dave Loomis obtained a copy of the WASC “Financial Report” while attending the October Council meeting as the Chapter delegate. The report was presented and discussed. After having been presented with the Chapter’s financial report earlier, consisting of a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement, membership could see a stark contrast in the reports. Chapter Treasurer Richardson stated the Council report was not a financial report. Many questions arose regarding the Council report. A discussion point was that a substantial amount of funding for service offices in the state come from State Veteran funding (WDVA). As such, several senior chapter members will be addressing the matter to the State Council Treasurer.
  10. The 50/50 raffle for $80 was won by Ken R – donated back to the chapter.


Meeting adjourned at 7:58 (19:58) to the delight of all, or most all.