Entries for September, 2016

Minutes of Meeting September 6, 2016

General Meeting called to order at @ 6:50 PM by President Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation by Lonnie Rose

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers

Gene Goldsmith, Pres.                   Present

Dave Loomis, VP                             Present

Gary Lysne, 2nd VP                         Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                           Present

Tom Grinstad, Asst. Sec.               Present

Ken Richardson, Treasurer           Present

David Scattum, Asst. Treas.          Present

Bill Wilcox, B of D                            Present      Fiscal 2016

Kirk Lyon, B of D                              Present      Fiscal 2018

Richard Martinez, B of D                Present      Fiscal 2018

John Bradshaw, B of D                  Present      Fiscal 2016

Tom Modica, B of D                        Present      Fiscal 2017

Greg Bremer, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2016

Guests and their acknowledgement

Rosemarie Loomis

Michael Hadley

Agnes Kenny

Elizabeth Rose

Judy Carlson

Lee Carlson

New members present and their acknowledgement



Secretary’s July minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting by the membership. The minutes are also posted on the chapter website, VVA165.org. Minutes were approved as drafted.

Treasurer’s August report was read by Ken Richardson. The report was approved as read. Some items within the report include the following. The car show earned about $7,700. Also, there were three expenditures from the service account over the last two months which need chapter approval. First, Alec Reitner who is a veteran needed ½ of one month’s rent of $350 due to a divorce causing him to go to California to pick up his son. Second, a veteran named Tyler Ogle needed $100 gas money for two weeks until his first paycheck arrived. Third, a $500 check was routed to Brigadoon which is a group that works with incarcerated veterans. These veterans train service dogs who are ultimately used to assist disabled people including disabled veterans. It costs about $30,000 to train a service dog but the disabled person gets them for free. Studies also show that the recidivism rate for prisoners who participate in the Brigadoon program is smaller than the normal prison population.  A motion was made to approve these three expenditures. Motion seconded and passed. Finally, Joe Masser has pledged to make a $500 donation to the chapter.

Membership Update was given by Gene Goldsmith. The chapter currently has approximately 266 members plus 10 members who are late in renewing their memberships. Gene Goldsmith will be contacting those 10 members to update their membership. There are also 7 Auxiliary VVA members.


Old Business


Car Show Update was discussed by Tom Modica, Dale Boe, Randy Turnbull and Duane Holliday. The membership thanked the four car show committee members for a job well done. Duane Holliday and Frank Wojo received their trophies for their car entries. July 23, 2017 is the tentative date for next year’s car show. Sunset Square requested that the chapter use their parking lot again next year and their space is donated. However, more space will be needed next year if Sunset Square is still the location. Several other new space options were discussed including renting the parking lot at the Civic Field Complex in Bellingham. Dave Loomis will do certificates of appreciation for the event sponsors.


The Brass Plaque Memorial at Hovander Park was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. Ramos is listed as MIA on this plaque even though his remains have been found. Changing the plaque to reflect his status as KIA will be expensive and may not look proper. After discussion it was decided to not change the plaque.

The Vietnam KIA Brick at Greenacres was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. This Vietnam Memorial will be started in several years and should be sponsored by the chapter. Its approximate cost will be $7,000. It was noted that the Ramos status could be correctly reflected on this new memorial. The chapter needs to start thinking about this planned memorial.

WTA Bus Pass Update was discussed by Tom Modica. There are about 15 to 17 bus passes used by veterans each month.


New Business


The Nomination of Gene Goldsmith for the Outstanding Service to Veterans Award was discussed by Bill Cox. This is a statewide award given by the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs. Gene was nominated by the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for his many years of outstanding service to veterans. The chapter previously drafted a letter in support of Gene’s nomination which was distributed to the membership to read. A luncheon sponsored by the DAR in Gene’s honor will be held November 12th at 12:30 PM at the Elks Lodge on Samish Way in Bellingham. All chapter members are invited.

Bellingham Technical Scholarships were discussed by Gene Goldsmith. Two scholarships of $500 each were awarded this year. Michael Hadley was one of the recipients and he was present to discuss his field of study and to thank the chapter. Mike is a Vietnam veteran and is studying to become an electrician. The second scholarship recipient is Aaron Rhines who was not present. He is an Iraq war veteran and is studying automotive collision repair technology. He is interested in custom cars and motorcycles. Gene Goldsmith, Gary Lysne and Kirk Lyon plan to attend a BTC scholarship breakfast on October 6, 2016.

A Thank You Letter from the Children of Vietnam Charity was read by Gene Goldsmith. This letter thanked the chapter for their $650 contribution which supports the education and well being of impoverished children in Vietnam.

An Invitation to the Legacy Retreat was read by Gene Goldsmith. They offer therapies which help to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. If interested please see Gene Goldsmith.

Additional Contributions to the BTC Endowment Fund was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. A motion was made by Tom Modica to contribute an additional $2,000 to the Endowment Fund. Motion seconded and passed.

A Social Dinner with Wives was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. It was decided to have a social dinner with wives following a short meeting on December 6th. Gene will do a postcard mailing to all members informing them of this dinner and requesting that they update their email and addresses.

Next meeting is October 4, 2016.  Dinner will be at 6:00PM. The meeting will be at 7:00PM.


Good of the Order


First, Gene Goldsmith reminded the members to check their VFW monthly calendar for upcoming events.

Second, Duane Holliday is selling Vietnam Veteran hats for $20 each after the meeting.

Third, Gene Goldsmith brought in some tomatoes from his garden and encouraged members to take some home.

Fourth, Gene Goldsmith discussed the upcoming sale of Forget Me Nots for Veterans Day.

Fifth, Lonnie Rose discussed breakfast at the VFW.

Sixth, Gene Goldsmith has VVA business cards to give out to members who may need them for recruitment or for other chapter business.

Seventh, Gene Goldsmith discussed that anyone who has socks to contribute for charity can do so upstairs.


Motion to adjourn meeting at @ 7:50 PM. Motion seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned by Gene Goldsmith.