Entries for July, 2016

July 5, 2016 minutes

Minutes of Meeting July 5, 2016

General Meeting called to order at: 6:50 (18:50) by Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of Allegiance by: Gene goldsmith

Invocation by: Lonnie Rose

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers:

Gene Goldsmith, Pres           Present

Dave Loomis, VP                    Present

Gary Lysne, 2nd VP                 Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                  Excused

Tom Grinstad, Asst. Sec.       Present

Ken Richardson, Treasurer    Excused

Dave Scattum, Asst. Treas.   Excused

Bill Wilcox, B of D                  Present                          Fiscal 2016

Kirk Lyon, B of D                    Present                          Fiscal 2015

Richard Martinez, B of D       Present                          Fiscal 2015

John Bradshaw, B of D Excused                         Fiscal 2016

Tom Modica, B of D              Present                          Fiscal 2017

Greg Bremer, B of D              Excused                         Fiscal 2016


Guests:       Darlene Carlson – DAR, Rosemarie Loomis, Elizabeth Rose

New members present:        none known

Secretary’s May minutes     Approved as written, Ray motion, Fred F 2nd

Treasurer’s May report         No report as both treasurer and assistant excused.

Membership Update: 273 paid, 9 late on payments, Gene Goldsmith will follow up.

Old Business:     

  1. Car Show

.                  Electrical generators supplied by Lonnie, Kirk and Dale

Canopies supplied by VFW, Dale, Richard M.

(4) 1st place sponsors $75 – Richard, Ray, Gary and Gary

(8) 2nd place sponsors $50 – Montgomery Hardwood Flooring, Wojo, Kirk x 2, Dave & Rosie, Tom G,

Volunteer sign-up sheet passed around.

Flyer distribution-Ray will do Ferndale, Randy T will do Lynden


New Business:

  1. Gary Lysne honored with letter by county executive Jack Louws and naming of veteran’s service office in his honor.
  2. Kirk Lyon named to replace Tom Darling on Board of Directors
  3. Correction of brass plaque at Hovander – Gene Goldsmith will make sure Ramos’ name has the MIA removed
  4. Discussion about funding KIA brick(s) or plaque at Greenacres. Decided to postpone decision for further information.


Next meeting is: September 6, 2016.


Good of the Order:

  1. Remember no meeting in August
  2. A stand down will occur at Bellingham High School July 22nd
  3. Custer Gun Club family membership raffle, VFW post 9301 $5 apiece or (5) for $20, see Lonnie Rose. Raffle occurs September 3rd.


Motion to adjourn: at 7:30 (19:30) by Dave L, 2nd by George D