Entries for November, 2015

Minutes of Meeting November 3, 2015

General Meeting called to order at @ 6:30 PM by President Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation by Gene Goldsmith

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers

Gene Goldsmith, Pres.                 Present

Dave Loomis, VP                            Excused

Gary Lysne, 2nd VP                        Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                           Present

Tom Grinstad, Asst. Sec.               Present

Ken Richardson, Treasurer           Present

David Scattum, Asst. Treas.          Excused

Jim Pace, B of D                                Present      Fiscal 2016

Tom Darling, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2015

Richard Martinez, B of D               Present      Fiscal 2015

John Bradshaw, B of D                  Present      Fiscal 2016

Tom Modica, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2017

Greg Bremer, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2016

Guests and their acknowledgement

Doug Spangler

Jim Stephens

New members present and their acknowledgement

Glenn Keene


Secretary’s October minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting by the membership. The minutes are also posted on the chapter website, VVA165.org. Minutes were approved as drafted.

Treasurer’s October report was read by Ken Richardson. The report was approved as read.

Membership Update was given by Jim Pace. The chapter currently has approximately 267 members. This gives the chapter ten votes now on state voting matters. There is currently a $100 special offer for a lifetime membership with the VVA. He recommended that all members who are eligible should take advantage of this offer. Jim asked for volunteers to send out letters to members who are not life members requesting that they convert to life membership. Gene Goldsmith will send an email with the date and time of the letter sending meeting.


Old Business


Vietnam Experience Books are available for sale for $20. If interested in buying a book, see Gene Goldsmith. He said that he that he has 5 left. The next person to buy a book will get a Wall book free.

The VVA State Council Meeting was discussed by Bill Bowen. Some productive items were accomplished. They were first, to implement a bill pay system. Second, a budget was passed. Third, the minutes for the last two meetings were approved. Fourth, some new committees were formed including Parliamentarian, By Laws, and Nominating committees. Fifth, Gene Goldsmith reviewed for the benefit of the chapter members the Bellingham Chapter Presidents report that he gave to the State Council.

 DAV Forget Me Not Volunteers was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. He has enough volunteers. Randy Elmore was added to the existing list of volunteers.

December 1, 2015 Meeting and Dinner with Wives was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. A motion was made to start the meeting at 5:30 PM. Motion seconded. Motion passed. Gene will send an email to members with the information. An RSVP is requested so that an accurate head count can be projected. The dinner following the short meeting will be $20 per couple.


New Business


Snack Night was discussed by Gene Goldsmith. It will be on November 20th at the VFW at 6PM. It is very important for chapter members to attend and support snack night. Ken Payne will do the food.

The Bottle Auction was discussed by Randy Elmore. He is looking for a volunteer to be the auctioneer.

WWU Lecture Series will hold a talk on November 9th discussing lives of veterans after military service. All are invited.


Next meeting is December 1, 2015.  The meeting will be at 5:30 PM. Dinner with wives will be approximately 6:30 PM.


Good of the Order


First, Gene Goldsmith reminded the members to check their VFW monthly calendar for upcoming events.

Second, Gene Goldsmith reminded members that Kenny needs help at snack night on November 20th.

Third, Ken Richardson discussed that it was time to make our annual miscellaneous expense reimbursement to the VFW. A motion was made to contribute $500 to the VFW Post 1585 for our usage of their facilities. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Fourth, Howard Vanbeek told of an accident that he had with a propane heater in which he was badly burned. Caution was advised.


Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:05 PM. Motion seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned by Gene Goldsmith.