Entries for June, 2014

Minutes of Meeting June 3, 2014

General meeting called to order at 7pm by President Gene Goldsmith

Pledge of allegiance

Invocation by Tom Darling

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of Officers

Gene Goldsmith, President                      Present

Ken Richardson, VP                                   Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                                     Excused

Tom Modica, Treasurer                            Present

Jim Pace, Board of Directors          Present

Tom Darling, B of D                                  Present

Richard Martinez, B of D                          Present

John Bradshaw, B of D                    Present

Randy Elmore, B of D                               Present

Greg Bremer, B of D                                  Excused

Steve White, B of D                                  Emeritus deceased


Rosemarie Loomis

Nicole Schmitt, Ralph Carmichael

New Member

Dave Scattum


May meeting minutes were approved without reading.

Membership report by Jim Pace. 144 members, 26 transfers.

Old Business

Car Show—Tom Modica reported that due to construction starting in the Cost Cutter Foods parking lot, our car show will move to the parking area in front of Kmart. Goat Mountain Pizza will be the food concession. Honey Bucket port-a-potties will be available. Members are encouraged to take and circulate the event posters around the county. It was asked that we find more sponsors for trophies. So far these people and companies are sponsoring:

Ray and Chiyko Radke, Dale Boe (Thai House Restaurant), Vietnam Veterans in Canada/ Legion, Ken and Sue Richardson and Action Concrete Cutting.

Memorial Day At Hovander

Ceremony and Veterans Picnic went well. The weather was a little iffy so service was held under cover in the group picnic area.  The food was great as usual with Ken Payne doing a magnificent job. Special thanks to Kirk Lyon and his son-in law for hauling the chairs and helping with set up and tear down.



State Convention

Francisco Ivarra from Chapter#102 Seattle was elected as the new State Council President. Jim Pace is the new State Vice President and Bill Bowen is Secretary/Treasurer.


New Business

Tom Modica suggested that USA Military Medals, provider of VVA product sales gear, get more made in USA stuff. Most of their items are made outside the country and it would seem more appropriate for an American veteran’s organization to be able to purchase American made products. We have not had any VVA baseball caps for a while because of the several suppliers of ball caps to USAMM only one makes them here and USAMM cannot guarantee hats to the chapter would be made by that supplier. Chapter members were encouraged to call USAMM and request more American made items.

There will be no snack night in June.


Faces of Agent Orange

Chapter#165 will host a town hall “Faces of Agent Orange” meeting in October. Jim Pace and Gary Lysne will be heading that up. It was suggested that it could coincide with the Govenor’s Veterans Advisory Council meeting.


Our scholarship recipients this year are brother and sister, Katelyn and Kevin Sherman. Katelyn, 23 is a radiation technology student at Bellingham Technical College and Kevin, 25, is studying petroleum processing technology at the same institution. They each received a check for $500.


Children of Vietnam


Chapter member Richard Brummett has been making an annual spring trip back to Vietnam since 2006. He presented an terrific slide show of his most recent month long trip. During his service with the 1st Infantry Div. and later the Ist Armored Div. as tank driver, Richard always had a camera hanging around his neck. When he returned home he went to Marst College and became a professional photographer and returned to the war zone as a photojournalist accredited with The New York Times and Newsweek. Covered the war until the Easter Offensive of 1972, when he was again wounded and medevaced out. When he returns each year, he does gratis photography for U.S. and Australian non-profits and church groups. Eight years ago he initiated the “Vietnam-American Chocolate Ceremony”. Richard takes a 6 kilo block of Belgian dark chocolate packed in dry ice and an engraved ceremonial hatched to a village near where he operated during the war. Every year he has a large cloth banner printed that is stretched between trees as both an advertisement and back drop for the event. Since age is venerated in Vietnam, the eldest person in the village is chosen to use the hatchet and chop up the block. There is great excitement for both kids and adults. Besides the chocolate, children are given a zip-lock bag with toothbrushes, toothpaste and other personal hygiene items.

In conjunction with his ceremony, a church group from Australia each year awards 25 piglets to the villagers on a drawing basis. The pigs bolster the local economy.

Part of the presentation was children who must pay to go to school in Vietnam. It costs their families $100 a year to send them and if the school is more than 2 miles from their village they need a Vietnamese made bicycle which costs $70. Many rural parents are reluctant to send their children to school as it takes time away from their necessary farm chores. If they must walk too far to school, that takes even more time, hence the need for the bicycles, a one time purchase. The chapter provided a check of $850 toward the project and will bring up the matter of making it an annual gift at the next meeting.

Great presentation and slide show!



A raffle was held as a chapter fundraiser by Fred Holton, who donated a 1 oz. silver dollar for that purpose. Richard Brummett had the lucky number.


Good of the Order

Tom Modica talked about the VASH Christmas Party and how well it seems to work. However, bus passes are needed for the formerly homeless vets in the VASH apartments to do job searches, shop and meet appointments. The WTA passes now cost $25 per month per pass. Tom has been going around to other VSO in the county asking for help with this effort. We tabled it till next meeting.


Next meeting will be 1 July.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.