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Minutes of Meeting February 4, 2014

Vietnam Veterans of America #165

General Meeting Minutes

4 February 2014


Meeting called to order at 7pm

Roll call of officers and board of directors:

Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence for POW and MIAs.

Gene Goldsmith, President                         Present

Ken Richardson, Vice President                 Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                                            Excused

Tom Modica, Treasurer                                 Present

Richard Martinez                                              Present

Randy Elmore                                                    Present

Tom Darling                                                        Present

Jim Pace                                                               Present

Frank Wojciechowski                                     Present

Greg Bremer                                                      Present


Secretaries report. Minutes from previous meeting approved.

Treasurer’s report given by Tom Modica,

Report for January 2014

Income: 1) $120 Membership dues

Expenses: $36.80, Post Office, stamps


Ending Balances:

Checking #1 $3164.66

Checking #2   $487.31

Scholarship Fund $31,103.68

Ken Richardson moved to accept treasures report, seconded by Ed Simmers. Approved.

Jim Pace gave the membership report, we currently have 117 members, with some still to renew.

A $100 donation to the scholarship fund from Naida Dietsch noted and appreciated.

Guest and new member Dave Scattum was recognized and welcomed. Dave is also a service officer in training at the Vet Center under Jim Pace.


Old business

Since VVA members are eligible to join the VFW and we meet at that location, Ken Richardson asked any VVA members who don’t belong to the VFW to please join.


New Business

Tom Modica gave a report on what our planned events are for the coming year, what our other financial obligations are and what our income will likely be. Some decisions need to be made because our income will not match our outgo presently.

For the past several years we have given Ferndale American Legion Post #154 $750 towards the Boys and Girls State program. John Bradshaw suggested that maybe we should not do that this year since we can’t really afford it and we have to cut expenses somewhere. We will see if we are able to do it next year when that time comes. Ken Richardson moved that we not fund Boys and Girls State this year. Frank Wojciechowski seconded. The membership agreed.

Another annual expense has been the Musical Salute to Veterans. Jim Pace reported tha maybe it has run its’ course. He said that we have done it for nine years with many good shows, but lately attendance has been trailing and it was time to put it to bed. The membership agreed.

Ed Simmers suggested that we spend a lot of time and effort raising money and that we should put our energies into keeping VFW Post #1585 funded and maintained. It was noted that both VVA #165 and DAV#19 contribute to the Post’s funding. Jim Pace moved that we donate $500 to #`1585, seconded by Fred Holton. Approved. I was decided that later in the year we would look at our finances to see if we could contribute more.

The VVA car show is a successful event for us and in the past we have we have done our own food concession. The last time we did that we made $300.  Last year we had Grant’s Drive-in bring their food truck and feed people and donate some of their proceeds to our chapter. Grant’s said it was one of the best days they have had on the food truck but they only donated $25 back to us. It was decided that we would do our own food concession this year but Randy Elmore would talk to some other food trucks and see if we could strike a better deal. The car show will be Sunday, July 20, 2014. It will again be in the Sunset Square parking lot, but maybe in a different part of that same lot.

Health Department rules have changed and now everyone involved in the food concession must have food handlers permit, so members are encouraged to go to the Whatcom County Health Dept., take the handlers test or do it on line.

Jim and Margie Rickenbacker have have been generously donating $200 per month to the chapter for several years. That has now ended. Thanks so much Jim and Margie! Jim served as a medic in the 4th of the 23rd, 25th ID out of Tay Ninh. A letter of thanks will follow.

Bill Bowen brought up the next VVA state convention in Seattle, to be hosted by chapter#102, June 27-29, and that we are entitled to send three delegates. That gives us three votes and the chapter usually provides a stipend for each delegate to help defray costs for travel, hotel and meals. It was decided to discuss it more at a later meeting. There are currently six chapters statewide and statewide membership is up.

Chapter#165 hosts the county wide Veterans Picnic each Memorial Day at Hovander Park in Ferndale. This year it falls on May 26 and the large group picnic area is already reserved as is the area around the county Vietnam memorial.

A program entitled “Faces of Agent Orange” is coming to the State of Washington and will focus on the impact of the defoliant on the lives of the children and grandchildren of veterans. It will be held May 10. The chapter will likely be asked to contribute toward the cost.

There will be no snack night this month.


Good of the Order

Harry Blevins, longtime VFW member and officer, passed away recently. A Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, February 22, 1pm at VFW Post #1585.

Since the chapter’s treasury is a little low, members were asked for fundraising ideas. One suggestion was a carwash one or two times during the year, spring to summer. Since old vets in speedos are not likely draw customers, it was also suggested that we could team up with another non-profit such as Polynesian Female Students of Western Washington University in Bikinis and split the profits with them. They are more likely to draw in customers than we are. This was a serious offering and it was pointed out that the start-up expenses would be small and people often donate at least $20 or more a charity carwash. Another suggestion was a Trivia Bee or competition. The mechanics of it were not fleshed out, but it will be revisited. A final suggestion was the chapter buying a replica Henry lever action rifle and raffling it off. The cost of the .22 cal. is in the neighborhood of $300 and the raffle tickets would go for somewhere around $20. Still an idea with no real flesh on it to be discussed later. Jim Pace talked about a fund raiser that he was involved in years ago that raised $6000. They held a meet and greet with the Seattle Seahawks and part of it was a Brian Bosworth look-a-like contest. All of these are a possibility.

The VFW will host a Valentine’s Day prime rib dinner at the post February 14

Friends of the National Rifle Association dinner will be May 9

Veterans bricks at Green Acres Memorial Park Veterans Park are available for Memorial Day placement. See Gene Goldsmith or Ken Richardson.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm


Next meeting will be March 4, 2014