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Minutes of Meeting November 5, 2013

General Meeting called to order at @ 7:00 PM by Vice President Ken Richardson

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation by Tom Darling

Moment of silence for POW/MIA

Roll Call of officers

Gene Goldsmith, Pres                     Excused

Ken Richardson, VP                         Present

Bill Cox, Secretary                            Present

Tom Modica, Treasurer                   Excused

Jim Pace, B of D                               Present      Fiscal 2016

Tom Darling, B of D                         Present      Fiscal 2015

Richard Martinez, B of D                 Present      Fiscal 2015

Frank Wojciechowski, B of D         Excused      Fiscal 2013

Randy Elmore, B of D                      Present      Fiscal 2014

Greg Bremer, B of D                        Excused      Fiscal 2016

Steve White, B of D                         Emeritus deceased


Michael Andrews

Christian Masterson

Introduction of Guests was done by Bill Cox. Both are seniors at Sehome High School and as part of their class work need to perform a community service type project. They indicated that they wanted to work with the VVA. They were previously assigned to Jim Pace to assist him in delivering posters to local businesses for the Musical Salute, which they have already completed, and in the set up and take down of the stage before and after the Musical Salute. They also were assigned to Ray Radke to participate in selling forget-me-nots at storefronts on Veterans Day.  Thanks were expressed to both of them for their efforts.

New members present



Secretary’s October minutes were read by Bill Cox. Approved as read.

Treasurer’s October report was deferred until next month due to the absence of Tom Modica. Bill Cox mentioned that QuickBooks Premier 2014 for Non Profits has been purchased and that the conversion of our accounting system to this new version is in process. He also mentioned that John Forgette made a $365.19 contribution to the chapter to pay the full cost of the new version. Thanks were expressed to John for the contribution.

Membership Update was given by Jim Pace. The chapter currently has 117 members.


Old Business


The Veterans Day Musical Salute was discussed by Jim Pace. He expressed his displeasure with the lack of support that he is receiving from the membership. He needs someone to cook meatballs and chicken wings for the afterglow. This year food will not be served until the stage set is taken down. Also needed are members to sell inventory in the lobby, greet attendees in the lobby, and encourage other members to come to the event and to set up and take down the stage. A signup sheet was passed around. Jim will follow up with an email on what is still needed. All members are to be at the theater at 5:30 PM this Saturday. Ken Richardson reiterated that members need to encourage other members as well as other people from the community to attend.

Bottle Auction was discussed by Randy Elmore. The date will be Friday December 6th at 7 PM at the VFW Hall. Snack night will precede the auction and commence at 6 PM.


New Business


Snack Night is November 15th. Ken Payne and Frank Wojo will do the food and they need chapter volunteers to assist them with the set up and clean up. Ken Richardson said that more members need to attend. If you are not getting the VFW monthly schedule via email, contact Cindy and give her your email address. Ray Radke said he is behind in getting VFW monthly schedules out via mail to VVA members who are not VFW members.

State Council Report was given by Bill Bowen. He is working on the town hall program for Faces of Agent Orange. Seattle is the target area for the first town hall meeting in the spring of 2014. The town hall meeting format has a tendency to get veterans involved. The Seattle VVA chapter has only about 50 to 60 members and it is hoped that the meeting will increase its size. Bill also spoke of the generational problems of Agent Orange. This is the belief that the negative impacts of Agent Orange, certain types of cancer, can be passed on to children and grandchildren.

Next meeting is December 3rd.


Good of the Order


First, Ken Richardson discussed the sale of Forget-Me-Nots and the need for volunteers to sell them on Veterans Day. Ray Radke has the signup sheet. This sale benefits the DAV.

Second, Tom Darling indicated that Harry Blevins was in the hospital. He is home now and seems to be doing better.

Third, Bill Bowen has three types of commemorative pins. See him if you want one.

Fourth, Ken Richardson encouraged all members to wear their service medals at the Musical Salute.

Fifth, Ed Simmers mentioned that he was in Dubuque, Iowa for a reunion and that there is a very good Vietnam memorial there.

Sixth, Jim Pace said that there will not be any videos for sale of the Musical Salute.


Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:45 PM. Motion passed and meeting adjourned by Ken Richardson.